lou anne colodny
The images in this series are compilations of photographs obtained form varying situations and locales. They are enigmatic and blue the lines of reality and fiction. Light is an important element as it seems to emanate from the solitary window creating a glowing sensation rising from the figures in each frame. The images are printed on a backlit material (duratran) and mounted on plexi. By suspending the images in front of a light or placing them in a light-box creates an illusion that there is actual light incorporated into the piece and creates an eerie stage like feeling. The images seen sparse and surrealistic, placing the viewer in a voyeuristic position.

The windows are from a grotto in New Mexico and the figures are imaginary or from the artists’ series of mirrored images. These pieces can be suspended in air or exhibited in light boxes.

Things are never what they seem. Taken out of context, the color stills from the SATURATION INFOMERCIAL have been converted to black and white images. There is a change in impact- making these images stronger and more emotional. They represent a "new deal" featuring woman of great power discussing impending issues.

Created to accompany the video, "breath" , 2002, these images can also stand alone in an exhibition. The video deals with the dehumanization of (wo)man and the physical and emotional entrapment inherent in society today.

The video stills in this series come from the video "the colony", They are 6 x 9 inches, printed on archival matte paper
and framed.

"the colony" is an animation /video that has never been realized. It developed as a commentary on cloning and unrest in the world. The blues (who are strangely like headless humans) happily occupy their world until they are attacked by another colony. A war ensues with a final peace accord being struck. The two colonies find understanding and integrate themselves into a new "civilized" society.

These images are stills from videos in my portfolio. They have been printed and used as stand alone pieces.
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