This is a venetian explosion box which contains photographic representations of the "Vestis" series. (see  Drawings).  The box was created as a demonstration piece in a class given by the artist at Girls Club, Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2013

A  multiple of 15, this tunnel book was created for Girls Club Collection,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida . The images are from Colodny's "mindful" photographic series. ( See photographs.)

This book was created for an exhibition entitled, " The Artful Book," 2019, a celebration of The Miami Book Fair and of South Florida as a literary cultural center. The exhibition was curated by Barbara Young and appeared at the LSN GALLERY in South Miami, Florida.

concertina booklet is an origami-looking pop-up book. It is called a concertina booklet because the folded structure resembles a concertina, which is an instrument similar to an accordion. It is sometimes referred to as
an accordian book. 

A concertina booklet is an origami-looking pop-up book.This book is sourced from doodles and designs familiar to the artist. 

The images are from the series, " the others" with a major exception. the environments in which they live are empty places. "the others" have been eradicated or are in seclusion because of a biological warfare. This is the first book created during the 2020 pandemic.

The Pop-Up Pages are individual books depicting aspects of "the others"
as they navigate a treacherous world in which they are not wanted.